Monday, October 20, 2008


Last weekend I performed in Trolley Dances. (This was my fourth time performing in this San Francisco event and its fifth anniversary.) We did 16 performances in three days! As Theron and I reflected on the experience, we noticed that everyone gets in a tizzy (myself included) when we know a "critic" is going to be in the crowd. If a Critic criticizes, what would you call someone who affirms?

What if InDance, the Bay Area dance publication, had an affirmation column. Anyone could be a contributing writer! Go see a dance performance and then write down everything you loved about it. Maybe the dancing was superb. Maybe the music was amazing. Maybe the ushers did a great job. My grandfather always judges an art exhibit by the food the serve at the opening gala. Maybe there were excellent refreshements at intermission. There is always something positive to be said. The question is, will anyone say it?

Never underestimate the body's need for affirmation! Imagine what we could do for each other as a dance community if we practiced affirmation. We have been critiqued our entire lives: stand up straighter, point your toes harder, kick higher, use more repetition in your choreography, use less repetition in your choreography, and so on and so forth.

I am not saying boot the critic out. I am saying, that if we are a supportive dance community, let's boost the morale. Tell the public about being moved by movement. Tell the choreographer and performer what they did right for a change.

And so, here are my affirmations for Trolley Dances:
Kim--You created an epic choreography to fit the grandeur of the architecture that was fun to do
Daryl + musicians--Your music fed my spirit every time we performed the piece
Dancers--You are among the most talented and, above all, kind fellow performers I have had the honor of dancing with.

Kudos and congratulations!