Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 3-Finding the dancer

Yesterday, someone posed the question of intention. In my own rewording of her question: What is your intention in this 30 day challenge? What are you moving for/towards/away from? I jumped into this challenge initially for the spiritual practice of it. Create 16 counts a day for 30 days. I know, not very deep and earth shaking. But as I swam laps last night, I meditated on the question and realized I do have a deeper answer.

8 months ago, I gave birth. For the nine months before that, I threw up twice a day. So, I have not danced in a year and a half and (to state the obvious) my body has been through a very physical transformation. This 30 day challenge is about rediscovering and reclaiming myself as a dancing body. As a new mama, I struggle with feeling comfortable in my body again.  Who am I now? How do I move now? I realize as I write this, these are both physical questions as well as philosophical ones.

Tonight I let myself improvise, temporarily lifting the restriction of "choreographing", inspired by Bobby McFerrin's song "Brief Eternity" as well as my inquiry of finding the dancer.


Jamuna said...

You are beautiful. I found myself wanting to move like you, to do your choreography. I totally understand the life in the new body thing. Its a very different world during the pregnancy and after the baby comes. I like very much your intention of "rediscovering myself and reclaiming myself as a dancing body." I would like to do this too.

Mendana said...

Thank you for your kind words! and, right back at you. I am enjoying watching your dances each day. You, too, are beautiful!