Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 7-Adagio

I am a momentum addict. I love release technique modern dance classes because it's like riding my own little rollercoaster. I love going upside down and rolling around and jumping off the ground. It's what I call fun! But right now, I am exploring ideas for a piece that will be quite the opposite. The title is "Sanctuary" and the content has to do with rest and restoration. Not quite the adrenaline rush I am used to. Today's choreography begins to explore this concept. Not satisfied with it, but here it is nonetheless.

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Cities Of The World said...

I can relate to the challenge in slowing down movements and creating something soft. I often feel a pressure to be fast and sharp, move quickly. But I'm realizing that it becomes a one-dimensional experience. So I appreciate your thinking around restorative and peaceful movement